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The style of my work

I see physiotherapy as a continuous diagnostic-therapeutic process.

I work complexly. For those of you who like to analyze, here are the “parts” of my physiotherapy work.

Diagnostics: Moderated Interview
The aim is to find out what circumstances bring you to me and what your expectations are. In addition to anamnestic data, we will discuss many other aspects that will help to open up and look for possible causalities of your difficulties or concerns.

Diagnosis: Clinical examination
In general, firstly I look at the body and investigate it as a whole. Only after that I have a look at the details. There are countless examinations and various tests. Their application is based on the knowledge and experience of my practice.

Therapeutic arrangement
It is based on a comparison of your expectations and goals with the results of the examination, including taking into account the aspects of your uniqueness (eg how well you perceive the body, what movement demands you put on it, how much attention and time you can give it, etc.). The result should be an agreement on how our cooperation will take place.

I do not follow strictly individual methods. Methods and concepts are interconnected. I constantly evaluate your body’s responses during therapy, and I adapt therapies to those responses. The decisive factor is your active participation in therapy. Physiotherapy in my concept is not a therapy that only affects your body passively. Different types of massages play this role.

Autotherapy training
Autotherapy is an important and essential part of physiotherapy. My recommendations aim to acquire the ability to perceive, realize and influence movement, interconnect its phases and to focus attention on optimal implementation.


Education and practice
Charles University ¦ FTVS ¦ Department of Physiotherapy
I have been practicing physiotherapy since 2003. The school gave me a foundation and a diploma, but the real knowledge that gives me professional confidence, courage and boldness, came with years of practice and passed dozens of courses, conferences, scientific meetings, consultations, workshops, supervision and interventions . I regularly educate myself in the field of physiotherapy, psychosomatics and lymphotherapy.
At the same time, I work in the Center for Complex Care in Dobřichovice as a physiotherapist and a member of the educational section.