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I always deal with the whole context of the emergence of difficulties. Only few disorders have the cause in the place of the pain. For the success of therapy, it is beneficial to look for the real and treat it.

Pain of the body / body parts acute, chronic

Prevention of pain, overload, injuries
Unbalanced tissue tension can affect the function and all structures of the locomotor system (including the control system). The result is not only pain but also structural disability (inflammation, arthrosis, etc.). By physiotherapy we are able to optimize stress and thus prevent such difficulties from occurring.

Conditions after injuries, operations, diseases
In this period, the task of physiotherapy is primarily to return to the original movement possibilities. Renewal of scope, strength, coordination not only in the affected segment, but also its involvement in larger movement stereotypes.

Problems with getting pregnant without obvious structural causes
An unbalanced tension in the pelvis area can be an inhospitable environment to release the egg, its path to the uterus, and its remaining. Physiotherapy has options to optimize such tension.

Pregnancy and postpartum physiotherapy
During this time, the body’s physiological and biomechanical conditions change. The goal of physiotherapy is to offer the body optimal stability and movement patterns that will act preventively or therapeutically in these unique phases of a woman’s life if functional problems have already occurred.

Manual lymphatic drainage
It is a gentle tactile technique that restores and accelerates the circulation of lymph and thus the metabolism of tissues. It has been successfully used to treat swelling caused by lymphatic or venous failure. Restoring tension and metabolizing cells reduces the pain of tissues and speeds up their healing. It contributes to regeneration and recovery after sports performances, diseases, injuries and operations.